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Sunday, December 31, 2006

Using Overture to Your Advantage

There is much competition for keywords now since search engines are the main source of traffic for most people. Ranking highly on search engines could be the difference between making a couple bucks a day and making full time income. I'll show you how to find popular keywords with low competition and avoid high competition keywords with low popularity.

First go to

That site basically tells you how many searches average are made each month for a keyword.

Now you can either pick a niche that you know about to see how many searches there are or just pick something that is popular such as "mp3" or "lose weight".

Now look at search terms that won't be too common and search them in google with quotes around them.

If you find a keyword that is searched for commonly but only like like 1000 results, thats a gold mine right there. You can make a website about that term and if you know what you're doing with SEO, you can rank #1 easily.

It might take a while to find a good keyword but once you find one, you can make a lot of money. You'll get hundreds of clicks from the search engines for free.

On the site that you make, you should make it something like, You can either link to affiliate products and try to sell something or put ads there. It's important that whatever you put on the page, it has to be relevant or else people will just go back and check the next ranking website.

For starters who don't know much about SEO you can look for keywords that only have maybe 200-300 results and make a site custom optimized for that term. You will very likely rank first because there is low competition. Repeat this with ten terms and ten sites and you'll be making a steady income.

For experts with bigger budgets, you might want to try a popular keyword with maybe 10,000 results. You'll get much more traffic for one site but you'll to maximize your SEO and get backlinks to rank highly.

There are millions of possible keywords and its only a matter of time before a juicy keyword starts getting more competition. Get a head start now.

You can find good keywords for free but once you start making some money, you might want to get Ad Word Analyzer. You can also just get it if your too lazy to do work manually want to start making money now.

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