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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Advertisement Programs for Publishers

There are various advertising programs for website publishers that allow to place ads on your site. These programs then pay you for every click to the ad or per thousand impression. I will list the current popular programs.

Google AdSense - Currently one of the most popular advertising programs on the net. Probably best for when your site starts to get big and generate more traffic.

Pros - Easy to set up, high paying, targeted ads, professional
Cons - $100 minimum payout, a lot of people get banned without warning for cheating, more difficult to cash out, cashes out only through check and bank fund transfer.


BidVertiser - Another very popular program. A alternative to AdSense and is similar to it.

Pros - Pays through Paypal and check, high paying ads, minimum payout $10 with paypal. Very customizable ads.
Cons - Not as many ads and AdSense, sometimes ads are not targeted too well.

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Obeus - One of the newer publishers programs.

Pros - Pays through e-gold! Fast payout, minimum payout only $1
Cons - You only earn for ads when advertisers choose your site to be a publisher. Not as popular as other programs and you might not get any advertisers if your site generates is small and generates little traffic.


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