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Monday, December 25, 2006

Exchanging Links

Exchanging links is a common practice that webmasters take part in to increase their traffic and page rank. A link exchange is where you link to someone else's site and they link back. This increases the amount of back links to your site, which increases the page rank.

Some people think that link exchanges are cheating, but most would refer to link exchanging as a legit way to increase your traffic and also increase your ranking in search engines, however you'll want to stay from "bad neighborhoods." These are sites that have hundreds or even thousands of links on their page.

Amateur webmasters will sometimes submit their link to these pages and think that they will get hundreds of back links and increase their rank. In reality, search engines such as Google will see that the site is just a link farm and not count the site, sometimes even reducing the page rank of all the links.

You can find link exchanges usually at forums dedicated to marketing or webmasters. There are also some sites that automate the process and let you log in and list other users who are interested in exchanging links. If you manage to get good exchanges with high ranking sites, your site will soon become a high ranking site and generate traffic and revenue. However be careful not to turn your site into a link farm and end up with hundreds of links to irrelevant or bad sites.

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