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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

How to Take Advantage of Christmas

The holiday seasons approaches fast and several of you may be thinking, "How can I use this as an opportunity to make my money or increase my business?" I have ideas for you guys.

1. Sell Christmas related products - this includes pretty much anything that is red, green, or white.
2. Offer some kind of limited time offer to increase traffic to your site
3. Give away some kinda of promotional guide or ebook as a "Christmas present" to promote you business.
4. Offer some kind of free service and accept donations. People are feeling more generous this time of year.
5. Design a product and convince people that it is the perfect gift. Personalized items are great if you can find a cheap place to personalize things with messages.
6. Be an affiliate and promote a site that sells Christmas gifts.
7. Don't accept donations and claim that you will donate it to a charity if you're not actually going to.

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