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Friday, December 22, 2006

Starting your first website

Are you ready to start a website? A website is the first step to earning a passive income. If you are new to websites, you might want to read this post before going out and getting hosts that are unreliable.

Step 1 - Find a host.
You can find a variety of free web hosts here. A free host is recommended for those starting out. When your site gets more traffic, you want to get a more professional paid host.
Step 2 - Get a domain name
There are lots of free domains names out there such as and .tk. For a more professional looking site, you should get a .com or .net domain. These typically cost $5+/year. However there is currently an offer than can get you a 100% free domain. You can get a .biz, .com, .net, .us, or .org for free at Domain Lagoon.
Step 3 - Add content
Add content that is original and is interesting. The people who surf your site have to be interested or else they'll just close the window.
Step 4 - Get your site out there
Start telling your friends about your site. Post it in your signatures. Submit it to free directories. Exchange Links. Just make sure that you don't spam.
Step 5 - Make money
Read my previous post about making money through ads here.
You can also earn money through ads by being an affiliate. I recommend MAXBounty for finding affiliates as it manages a variety of different affiliate programs. ClickBank is another similar program.

Thanks for reading, I hope you find success with my advice.

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