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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Making money with date entry at home? I don't think so...

One thing that's recently caught my eye is advertisements that say you can make $X,XXX a month! Then when you click it and go to the site you see that it sells some package to get you started. Once you get it, the packet will probably be useless and from publicly available resources.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Search Engines

We all know(or should know) that search engines are an extremely important part of making money online. Once you have your site established in search engines, you'll be generating constand income from doing nothing. When you reach that point is when you can start calling yourself successful.

Heres a tool to check your ranking for search engines. Anything on page 1 is very good.

Site info:

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Why Your Blog Sucks

You heard that you can make some fast and easy money with a blog... but no one even goes to it... heres what might be wrong.

1. Your content is ripped off of other sites. Theres no unique or original content. No one wants to read a blog that just puts together a bunch of articles from other sites.

2. Your content is boring. Some people have success with personal blogs about their life, however, if your life sucks and you blog about your life, chances are your blog sucks. Choose a topic that you know a lot about and is interesting for people to read about.

3. Your layout is horrible. There are ads overlapping each other and images flashing everywhere. Its hard to find where the actual content is. The background color shouldn't be too bright and the text should be big enough to be readable but small enough to fit enough text.

4. No one knows about your blog. You need to email some friends about your blog and promote it. Don't start spamming it everywhere, though.

5. You don't update often. Once a week is not often enough. People expect blogs to be updated frequently and be on top of the news.

6. You're writing for the wrong audience. If your blog is about engineering, you might not want to use slang terms and simple sentences. On the other hand, if your topic is about your personal life, you might want to make it easy to read and understand.

7. You make up stories. At first you might attract a bunch of attention but then people find out your story isn't credible by any trustworthy sources. You need to have sources that don't exaggerate facts. Your source should not be what some random guy on posted on his blog.

8. You don't respond to your readers. Your loyal readers give valuable feedback about your blog that you can use to make it better. Don't have the mindset of my blog my rules. After all, the blog was created for your readers not you.

9. You don't spend enough time on your blog. A blog needs to be regularly maintained. Not just posting regularly. You also want to change around the design or layout once in a while so that readers see that your blog is fresh and innovative.

10. You don't have passion for your blog. Some people just make a blog because they had a sudden urge to make one, but then they lose interest and only update to make money off of blogging. Readers will detect when your blog no longer has that spark that makes it unique. The key to keeping the passion for your blog is to pick a interesting topic to begin with that you enjoy. If your topic right now is something that you have no interest in, change it before its too late.

Thanks for reading this post and I hope that this helps you in creating a successful blog, or at least one that doesn't suck.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Various things that you can do to make money online

Content is always something that people are lazy to produce. Money can be made by creating content for others if you know what to do.

You can write articles or poems.

You can design websites.

You can take photos or produce your own images.

You can code and make scripts for people.

You can make software to sell.

You can produce videos.

Now you might get a couple dollars for a piece, but to fully maximize your profit you might want to add some watermarks that link to your site or something. If you design a bunch of website templates and give them for free, you could quickly get hundreds of back links to your site. The same applies to other content.

You can also purchase content in large quantities that offer resale rights and resell them to people for profit.

Monday, January 8, 2007

10 Things that Hurt your SEO

1. Too much html and not enough content.

2. Duplicate content copied from another site.

3. Having hundreds of outbound links on your site.

4. Having too much content about things that are unrelated to your keywords.

5. Spamming your whole page with keywords.

6. Content that is machine generated and doesn't make sense.

7. Putting keywords on your meta-tag but not your page.

8. Having hidden text.

9. Trying to cloak your website.

10. Too much confusing dynamic content that can confuse the search engine spider.

Saturday, January 6, 2007

A Little Secret to Getting Cheap Keywords

For those of you who use Adwords or Yahoo to advertise your products, you'll notice that you might have to pay more than $1 per click for some competitive keywords.

However there is a way to get these keywords for cheap and in a perfect world, you probably wouldn't get them, however, people make mistakes and that is where this little secret comes in to play.

Ever misspell a word when searching? It happens a lot.

Now you can generate typos for free for your keywords. The keywords are cheap because they're not even words but people who make a typo will see it and you get a potential customer for cheap.
Free Typo Generator

Friday, January 5, 2007

More Free E-Books

E-books to help you build traffic and content for your site:
They are targeted at those who want to improve the SEO of their site.

I've have two of them available at

Thursday, January 4, 2007

13 Things that will Improve your Income

1. Don't depend on one area to make all your money. You want to be an affiliate as well as show ads on your site so that you have more than one source of income.

2. Make more than one site as well. As you should have figured out by now, the key to making money online is through websites.

3. Don't get lazy. This means you should always try to get more traffic whenever possible.

4. Constantly keep your sites updated.

5. Doing little things while your site is little will have a large effect later on.

6. Don't be afraid to test new things such as a new layout or ad placement.

7. Make sure your visitors find exactly what they're looking for right away or they will leave.

8. Make sure that you visitors leave satisfied and they'll soon be coming back with friends.

9. Don't make a habit of doing temporary things to make money such as buying a link. You should be using your time finding permanent and reliable things that make you money.

10. Instead of milking a site for all its worth with ads everywhere, just make new sites.

11. Buy software that helps you automate tedious tasks. It's worth the money.

12. Buy some books about making money that have good reviews. Don't buy the ones that promise you money but have no reliable proof.

13. Don't stop trying to increase your income when you are making a decent amount. Your ways of generating income can fail anytime when your dealing with online money making.

Wednesday, January 3, 2007

How to Effectively Market a Product

Marketing is a skill that not many have but will always be the core skill needed in any business. Whether you have a product or not, marketing will always make money.

To successfully market a product and sell it, you need to get the basic steps.

1. Build a personal relationship with your potential customers or at least make them think that you are different from the other millions of people trying to sell them things.

2. Before trying to sell a big product, start with small ones so that you earn the trust of customers.

3. The product that you sell can be expensive, but it must be of good quality. You'll get free advertising from your customers who tell their friends if you spent the time to perfect your product. One angry customer could be the loss of many sales.

4. Make the customer feel like they need your product. Make it so they think they're missing out on a whole lot without your product.

5. Target the right group of customers. You want to advertise to the group that is most likely to buy from you. For example, you put a sports commercial on a sports channel.

6. Marketing is not done overnight, its done slowly and planned out.

You'll find that no matter what type of advertising you apply this to, your marketing skills will always be useful.

Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Ways to Get Good Inbound Links

Having many inbound links to your site is a must to make any money. At first you might think its easy but its harder than you think to get good ones.

1. Write articles and submit them to and with a link to your site. These sites have good rank and will boost your rank a lot.

2. Submit your site to directories. It takes time to get put on the directories but if you take the time to do them correctly and pick the right category, you should expect a inbound link to be made eventually. Here is a good free directory listing sorted by page rank.

3. Put your link in your signature and post in forums. Careful not to spam though.

4. Post content to social bookmarking sites such as and If you're lucky, then you'll get a bunch of traffic if your content makes it to the front page and you're set.

Monday, January 1, 2007

Making Money from Blogging

Blogs are a popular source of information and traffic since anyone can make one.
Businesses are realizing that they can make money from people's post.

There are several ways to make money from your blog.

1. Put ads on your blog. This is pretty straight forward and self-explanatory.

2. Try to sell some product with your blog. This is harder and it is also difficult to make a quality blog while promoting products.

3. PayPerPost. There are services that allow companies to buy posts. You post about a product of the company and you get some money. Usually you post a review of a product.

4. Join a profit sharing network. For these programs, you usually just blog and the service that you use will take care of ads and you get a share of the profit.

5. Selling links on your blog. Once your blog becomes more popular, the links on your blog will increase in value. There are services out there such as which make it easy to find a customer for your links.