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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Various things that you can do to make money online

Content is always something that people are lazy to produce. Money can be made by creating content for others if you know what to do.

You can write articles or poems.

You can design websites.

You can take photos or produce your own images.

You can code and make scripts for people.

You can make software to sell.

You can produce videos.

Now you might get a couple dollars for a piece, but to fully maximize your profit you might want to add some watermarks that link to your site or something. If you design a bunch of website templates and give them for free, you could quickly get hundreds of back links to your site. The same applies to other content.

You can also purchase content in large quantities that offer resale rights and resell them to people for profit.


Anonymous said...

good advice, apt and to the point

Anonymous said...

room for improvement, specific content writing needed

winlotto said...

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