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Thursday, January 4, 2007

13 Things that will Improve your Income

1. Don't depend on one area to make all your money. You want to be an affiliate as well as show ads on your site so that you have more than one source of income.

2. Make more than one site as well. As you should have figured out by now, the key to making money online is through websites.

3. Don't get lazy. This means you should always try to get more traffic whenever possible.

4. Constantly keep your sites updated.

5. Doing little things while your site is little will have a large effect later on.

6. Don't be afraid to test new things such as a new layout or ad placement.

7. Make sure your visitors find exactly what they're looking for right away or they will leave.

8. Make sure that you visitors leave satisfied and they'll soon be coming back with friends.

9. Don't make a habit of doing temporary things to make money such as buying a link. You should be using your time finding permanent and reliable things that make you money.

10. Instead of milking a site for all its worth with ads everywhere, just make new sites.

11. Buy software that helps you automate tedious tasks. It's worth the money.

12. Buy some books about making money that have good reviews. Don't buy the ones that promise you money but have no reliable proof.

13. Don't stop trying to increase your income when you are making a decent amount. Your ways of generating income can fail anytime when your dealing with online money making.


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Chris said...

Sound advice.

I'll shall be reading more of your blog...